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Listen to the winner of ISTE"s online learning award for 2007 as she talks about the Flat Classroom project between her school in Camilla, Georgia and the International School of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Learn what was accomplished, how the project was assessed, and what was learned. Learn how the project was updated and improved in the fall of 2007 and the latest research results from the last project.

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This will be streamed live on ustream at The TV may not be that great, but you can listen to the audio and then see the live presentation in the google presentation. If you have a gmail account, you may also participate in the live chat (or backchannel.) This also allows you to receive links and share thoughts with others.

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Class Wiki

(Winner Wikispace of the Month December 2005)

Flat Classroom Project

(winner ISTE’s Online Learning Award 2007, Taking IT Global’s Online Learning Award 2007, Edublog Best Wiki Award 2006, included in Thomas Friedman’s Book The World is Flat v. 3 pages 501-503.)