Flattening Classrooms, Expanding Minds, Growing Business

Most Recent Date: 2/12/2008
Location: Center for Quality Teaching and Learning, Columbus State University, Columbus, Georgia


In this full-day workshop Ms. Davis will share the strategies leading to citations about her work in Tom Friedman’s 3rd edition of The World is Flat. Victoria Davis took her entrepreneurial, business background into her classroom and transformed it by engaging the principles of teaching and learning through her blog, weekly webcast and online conferences. Ms. Davis will demonstrate how students in her class and teachers around the world use a variety of web technologies to make global connections. The workshop will feature virtual guests from Qatar and other distant locations. Davis will demonstrate creative and innovative, "right-brain" learning challenges as described in Daniel Pink's Whole New Mind and tested in Davis’ own Georgia classroom. Davis will relate these classroom skills to those required in the current and future work force. Victoria Davis’ Cool Cat Teacher blog has been recognized by Technorati as the top teacher blog in the world. Her website won the International Edublog Award for "Best Wiki of 2006," ISTE's prestigious Online Learning Award for 2007 and the Taking IT Global Online Learning Award for 2007.


Introduction Presentation

I am not able to post the Web 2 presentation due to some copyright issues with company that I do work for, however, you'll find the links shared there in my Google Notebook.

7 Steps to Flatten Your Classroom


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