This session was a one hour and twenty minute session. I spent the first 20 minutes setting the current technology landscape in terms of the hardware that are causing concerns in schools. Each person was a member of a team and had an assigned role on that team to discuss their viewpoint in the scenario. After 20 minutes, each team presented to the group.

The purpose was to bring all aspects of each ethical dilemma to light so that educators can return to their school or classroom and advocate well-informed policy changes.

The Presentation

My Thoughts

I was amazed at the incredible educators in this session. This session was a highlight of my trip because the people in it were so absolutely amazing! I wish I had the name of every participant to share. Janet Barnstable, Steve Dembo, Ryan Bretag, Gwen Solomon, and Scott Meech were just a few of those that I knew who were in this session. But I think I could have talked for hours to every educator who participated. If you were there and would like to leave your thoughts, feel free to leave a comment on the discussion tab of this page!