What is it?

In the old world we had taxonomy. Now we have folksonomy. Almost everything that you create on websites now you can "tag." In south Georgia, we tag cows to mark them so we can separate them later. We do this with a little white tag on their ears.

To categorize the words we type or the pictures we take, or videos we shoot, or anything, we tag it. This means we can find it later. If you have your students create anything that is to be available publicly on the web, it is imperative that you tell them how to tag it so you can find it. This is called a tagging standard.

Just look for the word Tag on anything you create and use it so you can find things later!

What this means

You can search the tags of others

This means that you have a very powerful way to search things created by others who also tag their pages. This is a cornerstone of what we call "social networking" websites.

You can grade and find the projects

But the most powerful use for educators can be demonstrated by the math teacher, Darren Kuropatwa. He had his students create pictures and upload them to a picture sharing site called Flickr. He gave his assignment and told the students to tag their pictures with the class number (his was pc0sf06 - mine might be daviscomputerscience10-2007 - my name, course, grade, and year. It is up to you.) But, Darren can now go grade all of his projects by going to http://flickr.com/photos/tags/pc40sf06/.

A Tag Cloud

A tag cloud looks something like the example below. The larger a word, the more times it is used.