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Since her Georgia technology conference in November 2005, this teacher has experienced an extremely positive classroom makeover. Since that time she has co-created multiple award-winning global collaborative projects including the Flat Classroom project, and inclusion in Thomas Friedman's book The World is Flat and many media outlets. Her “Cool Cat Teacher” blog has skyrocketed into the edublogosphere, earning her multiple awards as well as grants for her classroom. Come here to learn how to give yourself an extremely positive classroom makeover as you transform your classroom safely into a place where students are engaged and collaborating with a global audience.

This is a customized presentation created for the North Carolina Conference to fit with their theme of Total Classroom Makeover.

NOTE: Many of these photos are purchased from istockphoto and therefore, I'm not able to allow download of this file.

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Class Wiki

(Winner Wikispace of the Month December 2005)

Flat Classroom Project

(winner ISTE’s Online Learning Award 2007, Taking IT Global’s Online Learning Award 2007, Edublog Best Wiki Award 2006 and 2008, included in Thomas Friedman’s Book The World is Flat v. 3 pages 501-503.)

Horizon Project

(Finalist edublog Award Best Wiki 2007, included in Don Tapscott's book Grown Up Digital December 2008)

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