Introduction to Wikis - Adam Frey, Founder, Wikispaces (10 Minutes)

  • What's a wiki?
  • The basics of using a wiki
    • Creating a space
    • Editing a page
    • Creating a link
    • Page history

Wikis in the Classroom - Vicki Davis (15 minutes)

Why wikis are important in education.
  • 7 Pedagogical uses of wikis (Classroom Uses)

  • Important things to remember (discussion tab)
  • Teacher Grading (Notify Me)

Examples of Educational Wikis - Vicki & Adam (10 minutes)

Examples and a brief description including URL's. Perhaps we should go back and forth and each share one we like and why for an allotted time -- (Siskel and Ebert? ;-)
Do a couple first
Here we can talk about Flat Classroom and Horizon.

Classroom Considerations (Objections) - Adam (5 minutes)

  • Getting students up and running easily and safely
  • Managing your wiki
  • Private? Public? In-between?
  • Wiki options
  • Structure vs. Free-Form

Discussion (10 minutes)

Cool Things to do with wikis (10 minutes)

  • RSS

  • Delicious Tags

  • Embedding widgets
  • Embedding video (a big question) -- mention filters filtering Youtube.
  • Wiki-ing across the world - Julie and I.


How to sign up for free and ad-free K-12 wikis at Wikispaces

A place to see examples of educational wikis and discuss wikis in education

Link to K12 online conference presentation - wikis